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Our website uses cookies which distinguish you from other users on the Website and provide you with the best experience as a user on our Website while also helping us improve our website. 

Below we provide more information on how we use cookies as well as other automated means in order to collect specific information about the visitors of our Website, such as the number of visitors. By collecting this information, we learn how to better adapt our websites and the communication and advertising of our products and services to the visitors.

If you continue, we take for granted that you have given consent to receive cookies from this Website. If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you should not use our Website or you must configure your browser properly. 

Cookies are small letter and number files stored in your browser or on your computer’s hard disk, tablet, or mobile device, and contain information that is transferred to your device’s hard disk.

We use the following types of cookies: 

Α. Absolutely necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the basic and proper function of the site and are therefore always enabled. This category includes cookies that allow your identification while you are browsing our Website during a specific session or, if you so request, each session. They facilitate you in matters of safety and compliance with regulations.

Β. Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to improve the functionality of the site by tracking its usage data, collecting aggregated, anonymous information that does not identify any visitor, in order to measure the effectiveness and interaction of consumers-visitors with the Website. In some cases, these cookies help us process your requests more quickly and remember your preferences for our Website. Failure to select these cookies may result in slow performance of the Website. These cookies may be provided to us by third party providers of analytical tools but are used only for the purposes related to our Website.

C. Traffic measurement Cookies 

Traffic measurement cookies are activated each time you visit our Website. They are produced either by Google Analytics or by third party services and through them we can know: how often users visit our Website, if you have visited our Website before, if and how many times you have you opened our published texts, the origin of the traffic, that is, if you visit us directly or through other websites or social networks, or advertising actions or search engines.

Other information 

You can accept or disable cookies with the appropriate settings in your browser. However, if you do not choose to enable cookies, it is possible that you are not able to use all the features of our website. 

For a better management of cookies, refer to your browser’s instructions for more information by clicking “help”. You can also learn about cookie management on various websites, such as Microsoft Windows Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome etc. In particular, you can visit the following websites, to learn about the necessary relevant actions:

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When you use our Website, there is the possibility that third parties might activate their own cookies to control their application and identify you. Our Website cannot control or deny third party access to these cookies, so we recommend that you make the relevant settings through their own website, where you will also find the relevant policies for cookies and privacy. 

We reserve the right to make any changes or amendments to this Policy which we will publish directly on our website. Please be regularly informed of any changes or updates to this Policy. 

For any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us on the telephone line 210 3450790 or send a direct message to the Website.